Club History

OSM Fencing Club is Victoria's very first dedicated private competitive fencing club. First established as a training and community outreach program in 2017, OSM Fencing began to assist athletes in their personal development in their chosen weapon with all participating athletes earning various medals and podium finishes.

In 2018, OSM Fencing expanded into school outreach programs, providing clinics and workshops to various schools in and around Victoria, the most prominent of which were St. Michael's University School (SMUS), Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII), Central Middle School, Glenlyon Norfolk School, and Westmont Montessori School. These programs served to promote the sport of fencing in the community and help get a number of athletes started on their journey in fencing.

In 2019, OSM Fencing finally established itself in a permanent location as a dedicated competitive fencing club with the Braefoot Community Association. From here, the club excelled at providing structured Beginner Programs to eager new students, specializing in youth development and promoting the sport among 5-15 year-olds. OSM Fencing is proud to provide instruction in all three weapons, deliver ongoing group training, drills, and exercises, offer private lessons and coaching, and continue to mentor young new athletes. As the youngest and fastest growing club in Victoria, OSM Fencing is dedicated to training the fencers of tomorrow.

Meet The Team

Head Coach & Founder

Orion Stone-McNeil

Head Coach and founder of OSM Fencing Club, Orion Stone-McNeil has been active in the sport since 1995 as an athlete and coach. With an extensive background in all three weapons, competing from the local to national level, Orion brings invaluable experience to the Island's fencing community!

Orion retired from competitive fencing in 2007 when he began to take a more active approach to promoting the sport throughout the Island community in the form of programs and clubs before moving to Beijing in 2012 where he created the Sino Bright School Fencing Club. After his return to Victoria, he founded OSM Fencing in 2017 as a competitive training program before transitioning it into a physical club.

Orion has trained athletes of all levels, from recreational to national team. He believes in the competitive growth of the sport, driving for excellence, and instilling confidence and passion in all the athletes he works with.



Isaac Carter-Hughes

Isaac Carter-Hughes has been an active fencing athlete since 2013, competing primarily in foil at the local to national tournament level. He has volunteered in the Victoria fencing scene for nearly as long, and has been looking to support the competitive field on the Island throughout that time. Using his background as a Personal Trainer, Isaac's aim is to keep athletes healthy and in good form throughout their career no matter their level

Club Honours

OSM Fencing Club members have represented the club with distinction, earning medals in every weapon! In the club's short history, it has amassed a total of 46 medals across foil, epee, and sabre.



               Foil:         15                       6                         12


               Epee:        3                        4                           3


               Sabre:                                 2                          1