OSM Fencing

OSM Fencing provides a safe, supportive, and competitive atmosphere to fencers of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.

The club emphasizes both physical and mental development and agility through weekly sparring, footwork drills, and competitive workshops.

The club promotes friendly competition and supports all its members in exploring the competitive aspect of the sport through tournaments and training.

It is Victoria's premier youth club with programs and coaching designed to introduce the sport to enthusiasts as young as 5 while also supporting initiatives for older and more experienced fencers.


OSM Fencing Successes!
  • 2017 British Columbia Youth Provincial Championships - Ahmed Elbassiouny (Y10 Foil 3rd - Bronze)

  • TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit#1 - Ding Yichen (Cadet Epee 3rd - Bronze)

  • TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit#1 - Wang Kangjue (Cadet Foil 1st - Gold)

  • TFA 2017-2018 Youth/Cadet/Junior Circuit#3 - Ahmed Elbassiouny (Y14 Foil 1st - Gold)

Phone: 1-778-679-4953  Email: osmfencing@outlook.com
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