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Club Membership

Club membership is the key to continuing your journey in fencing! Becoming a members allows you to participate in all club activities such as: group exercises, drills, sparring, clinics, and workshops. Members meet regularly to train together, prepare for tournaments, and build upon their technique and skill. Be the excellence in fencing, be an OSM member today!


Beginner Programs

Your fencing journey begins here! Our structured Beginner Programs are perfect for those new to the sport, focusing on the essentials of fencing and getting you oriented. Learn the fundamentals of Foil fencing, how to advance and retreat, how to attack and parry, and how to assess the rules of the weapon. In completing this immersive program, any new student of fencing will be prepared for the world of fencing!


Private Lessons

Being the absolute best you can be in fencing requires more than just fencing! Private lessons and coaching is the absolute best method of improving your technique and skill in your chosen weapon, whether it be Foil, Epee, or Sabre. Ongoing lessons will strengthen existing skills, explore and develop new skills, and push you to be your absolute best. Whether you are a recreational or competitive fencer, this is your gateway to success!


Club Membership Rates








$150.00/Family Member

To be eligible for membership, previous fencing experience and/or completion of a fencing beginner program is required.

Membership fees can be paid by cash, cheque, E-transfer. For more information, please contact us directly.

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