OSM Fencing will be reopening its doors this month on Tuesday the 23rd. We will be resuming regular club fencing while postponing new Beginner Program classes until further notice. We welcome all our members to come back and join us in some fantastic fencing while also extending the invitation to all fencers in the community. In celebration for our reopening, club fees for the remainder of June are waived!


In recognition of current concerns over COVID-19, OSM Fencing has prepared a series of new Health & Safety Protocols that will be in effect until further notice. These protocols have been approved by Braefoot Community Association and by Saanich Rec. Please see the attachment for details on these new protocols and policies.


Additionally, we will no longer be maintaining a communal club equipment system (explained in the Health & Safety Protocols) but will be ensuring equipment and gear is still available. A deposit of $50/Beginner Program student and $100/Intermediate & Advanced student will be required to secure a set of equipment and gear for the duration of your registration with the club. This deposit will be returned once all club equipment and gear are returned undamaged.


Finally, the club capacity has been limited to 10 students/session until further notice. To ensure you have a space on a designated day, please email or call (paid registration beginning July will guarantee a space).


OSM Fencing Operating Days/Hours*:

  • Tuesdays – 5:30-7:30PM

  • Thursdays – 5:30-7:30PM

       *overflow days may be added depending on interest.

Hygiene Reopening Protocols & Policies

Club Hygiene Behaviour:

ALL high-touch surfaces to be washed and disinfected (door handles, light switches, counters, faucets…).

• Bathrooms to be cleaned and sanitized DAILY.

• Hand sanitizer station at entrance to be used by EVERYONE prior to entry and exit.

NO food permitted in order to discourage the frequency of touching one’s face.

NO equipment or gear will be shared and the club will not provide communal equipment and gear. Athletes must bring and use their personal equipment and gear.

o OSM Fencing Club will provide equipment and gear for dedicated use by each athlete. The athlete will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing of this equipment and gear, the storage of this equipment and gear, as well as its transport to and from the club. A DEPOSIT of $50.00/Beginner Program student and $100.00/Intermediate & Advanced members will be required to secure the equipment and gear for use which will be held until the athlete wishes to return that equipment and gear.

• Clean ALL club equipment after use.

• Club MAXIMUM MEMBER CAPACITY limited to 10 athletes per session to maintain necessary spacing.

NO personal equipment to be left overnight at the club. ALL personal equipment to be taken home for cleaning and storage.
Personal Hygiene Behaviour:

EVERY athlete to bring a personal face towel to prevent wiping of sweat with hand or sleeve.

EVERY athlete to bring a personal water bottle.

AVOID breathing heavily on or near anyone. Move outdoors to cool down if necessary.

• Disinfect your equipment bag PRIOR to arrival.

• Disinfect your cellphone FREQUENTLY.

• Keep ALL personal belonging in or close to your bag. DO NOT leave personal belonging around the club venue or in/beside someone else’s belongings.

DO NOT leave personal equipment at the club to dry off. ALL personal equipment and belongings must be taken home after each session.
Fencing Hygiene Behaviour:

ALL reels to be disinfected before and after use.

ALL scoring machines to be disinfected before and after use.
NO scoring machine remotes to be used to track score and/or time. Athletes are to use their memory or count by hand.

• Use GLOVED HAND to operate scoring machine buttons.

NO handshaking or other physical contact with fencing partner or referee before and after practice. Use the standard SOLUTE in place of a handshake.

• Must wear a reusable or disposable FACE MASK while fencing (in addition to the fencing mask).
Parents Hygiene Behaviour:

REMIND your child/children of the proper hygiene etiquette. • ENCOURAGE your child/children to clean, wash, and disinfect their fencing equipment and gear after being used (body wires, foil/epee/sabre, mask, glove, uniform…).

• ENSURE your child/children use a personal water bottle.
General Hygiene Behaviour:

• Coaches, parents/guardians, and athletes OVER the age of 60 should remain at home.

AVOID physical contact. DO NOT shake hands, hug, high-five, or touch anyone. ONLY correct contact through use of fencing equipment and gear. • Stay at HOME if you are feeling unwell (displays of respiratory infection).

Phone: 1-778-679-4953  Email: osmfencing@outlook.com
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