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Due to COVID-19, we will no longer be maintaining a communal club equipment system (explained in the Hygiene Protocols) but will be ensuring equipment and gear is still available. A refundable deposit of $100.00 will be required to secure a set of equipment and gear for the duration of your registration with the club. This deposit will be returned once all club equipment and gear are returned undamaged.


Hygiene Reopening Protocols & Policies

Club Hygiene Behaviour:

ALL high-touch surfaces to be washed and disinfected (door handles, light switches, counters, faucets…).

• Bathrooms to be cleaned and sanitized DAILY.

NO personal equipment to be left overnight at the club. ALL personal equipment to be taken home for cleaning and storage.
Personal Hygiene Behaviour:

EVERY athlete to bring a personal face towel to prevent wiping of sweat with hand or sleeve.

EVERY athlete to bring a personal water bottle.

• Keep ALL personal belonging in or close to your bag. DO NOT leave personal belonging around the club venue or in/beside someone else’s belongings.

DO NOT leave personal equipment at the club to dry off. ALL personal equipment and belongings must be taken home after each session.
Fencing Hygiene Behaviour:

• Must wear a reusable or disposable FACE MASK while fencing (in addition to the fencing mask).
Parents Hygiene Behaviour:

REMIND your child/children of the proper hygiene etiquette. • ENCOURAGE your child/children to clean, wash, and disinfect their fencing equipment and gear after being used (body wires, foil/epee/sabre, mask, glove, uniform…).

• ENSURE your child/children use a personal water bottle.
General Hygiene Behaviour:

DO NOT shake hands, hug, high-five, or touch anyone. ONLY correct contact through use of fencing equipment and gear. • Stay at HOME if you are feeling unwell (displays of respiratory infection).

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